Vodka Molecule Jewlery - Earrings and Necklace

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Show some "spirit" with a witty Vodka Molecule necklace or earrings! At first glance, this representation of an Ethanol molecule (the chemical component of vodka) makes a unique, geometric pattern perfectly suited to jewelry.  Only YOU need to know what else it means! :) Choose from threader earrings or a hemp cord necklace (or both) for a "spirited" accent to any outfit!

The Details:

  • The necklace is made from 100% hemp cord dyed a neutral gray color and measures approximately 21.5" long with a lobster claw clasp
  • The earrings are known as "threader" earrings with a stainless steel chain and post instead of an earring hook. The are easy to insert, stay put all day, and can be adjusted to your perfect length.
  • The Vodka charm measures 2cm wide and 3cm tall and is made from a nickel-free alloy
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