Rosebud Love Baby Bib

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Celebrate the sweetness and love of babyhood with my triple-layered Rosebud Embroidered Love Baby Bib!

Three absorbent layers of cotton and flannel can tackle the goopiest baby messes.

  • The front layer features a delicate pink rosebud pattern with the word "Love" embroidered in pink thread in the center of the bib.
  • The center layer is a thick cotton flannel.
  • The back layer is a soft, pale pink cotton flannel that coordinates beautifully with the pink rosebuds on the front.
  • It attaches with simple hook and loop tape at the back.
  • The edges of the bib have been top-stitched and closely hand clipped to create a soft "rag-style" edge that will only get more soft and fluffy with each washing.
  • The fabrics have been pre-washed in bio-degradable detergent
  • The Bib measures approximately 9.0" (23cm) across and 12" (31cm) long.
  • All of my Bibs come with FREE SHIPPING, too!