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Cuddle up with my cozy, fragrant, rice and grain blend Warmies!  These uniquely designed, microwavable, flannel bags are filled with rice, whole flax seed, organic lavender flowers, and a touch of healing mustard seeds for an aromatic blend that make the perfect snuggling accessory! Warmies are the perfectly cozy companion for chilly nights, warming chilly fingers and toes, easing the ache of sore muscles, and even as a cold pack for the occasional bump or bruise!  The heart shape also make them the perfect way to say “I love you” all year round! Bonus, all my Warmies now come with FREE SHIPPING and a deal on ordering more than one!

What is a Warmie? A Warmie is a heart-shaped ($19.99) or square (with washable cover) ($24.99) flannel rice pad filled with my all natural, aromatic blend of organic rice, whole flax seed, soothing whole lavender flowers, and a touch of whole mustard seeds. Lovingly handcrafted in a variety of soft, 100% cotton flannel fabrics, there is sure to be a style for everyone! 

Fabric Pattern: A light and lovely aqua blue with white and gray astrological symbols throughout this cozy flannel cotton...the perfectly out-of-this-world way to relax, snuggle up, and savor the warmth all year long!


Warmies are heavy and very expensive to ship. Happily, I can combine shipping to offer you a deal on an order of two Warmies! Here is how you can combine an order of two for the best price!

1 Heart Warmie - $19.99

1 Square Warmie - $24.99

2 Heart Warmies - $29.99

2 Square Warmies - $39.99

1 Heart + 1 Square Warmie - $34.99

Yes, you can combine fabrics from my other listings shown here (as long as those fabrics are in stock in the shapes you desire)

Just include your fabric/shape request in the “Notes to seller” part of your order OR message me and I will be happy to set you up a custom order with your desired patterns and shapes!


Inspired by some rice bags a friend had made to keep chilly hands warm, I made each of my daughters one of these bags (they named them “Warmies”)  - heated them for 1 minute each in the microwave, gave them to them at bedtime. For the FIRST TIME in almost seven years, my oldest daughter drifted off EASILY to sleep…(she was normally a very difficult sleeper…singing, reading, holding…all for up to 2 hours before she closed her eyes…) It was like magic…

As the weather gets colder, they ask for them every night – “Don’t forget our Warmies!” (They have also been the perfect solution for chilly little hands, sore muscles, cramping, easing arthritis pain, bed warming, and any time you need some extra warmth!)

*** And yes, they can also be put in the freezer as "Boo Boo" bags! We keep two in the freezer at all times for soothing the occasional bump or bruise, ankle twist, sore muscle, or easing a headache!


  • Each Warmie is made with 100% cotton flannel
  • They are filled with over 2 ½ cups of my special aromatics and grain blend of rice, flax seed, dried lavender flowers, and mustard seed.
  • Each Warmie is double stitched for durability.
  • The heart-shaped Warmies have a pinking shear cut on the edge and measure approximately 10” across the widest part of the heart and 7” tall
  • The square Warmies feature a square bag on the inside and a REMOVABLE and WASHABLE COVER on the outside.  The bag measures 6.5” sq and the removable cover measure approximately 7.5” sq

Thank you for stopping by my shop and please don't hesitate to reach out with a question or special order request!  :)


Some recent buyer feedback on my Warmies:

“These were shipped quickly, and arrived just as our temps plummeted to zero degrees. My kids were and are so excited to have them! The flannel is super soft and thick; we love the way that they smell; and as a Mom I appreciate both the thorough stitching on the inside bag to keep the seeds etc. in place as well as the ability to peel the outside bag away and toss in the washer as need be. Well made and so smart! Thank you!”


“Love so much I already have another in my cart... lol!!!”


“Ordered 5 hearts for my daughters friends for Vday. They arrived quickly and smell so good (lavender). Nice size.”


“This is my second set of these. My daughter loves them! Cold for boo boos and warm for tummy aches and sleepless nights. They're perfect!”