Make Up Wipes ~ Reuseable ~ Assorted

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Save trees AND money with my 14 piece set of re-useable make-up removal wipes! Made from the fabric remains of my other projects, each wipe is super soft, fully reversible, washable, and ready to save you time and money during your skin care routine!  Bonus = they come in a fully washable mesh bag so they can be laundered again and again without getting lost in the wash!

The Details:

  • Each wipe varies slightly in size (so as to use as much of the scraps as possible) but generally measure 3.5" x 2.5" .
  • Each one has a 100% flannel cotton side, some have a 100% cotton weave size, and some are flannel on both sides. 
  • They are carefully machine sewn together and pinking shear cut on the edges for many years of use and washing! 
  • The mesh bag is nylon with a pull cinch closure for easy washing and storage and measures 5" x 12".

Every set will vary in fabric choices and bag color as availability changes but will always be fun mix of fabrics and colors!