Fibonacci Spiral Necklace

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A lightweight, silver-toned Fibonacci pendant necklace on a delicate silver chain. It's a beautiful way to celebrate numbers and nature!

The Fibonacci sequence (each number is the sum of the two preceding ones), also known as the golden rectangle, is the basis for some of nature's most amazing creations like the head of a sunflower, the spiraling of leaves, pine cones, seashells and more. As well as being integral to the mathematics of architecture, finances and other data algorithms, the Fibonacci sequence is responsible for some of the most spectacular beauty in the natural world.

The Details:

  • The pendant measures 3cm tall and 2cm wide
  • The chain measures 18" long
  • The lobster claw clasp features an extra wide 10mm loop for easy clasping
  • I have added a 3" length extender with a pretty spiral bead embellishing the end
  • All of my jewelry comes with FREE SHIPPING

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