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Celebrate your love of wizards AND keep yourself organized with these versatile Wizard Fabric Baskets!  Each bag is a reversible, stand-alone basket with a fold-able cuff and a stiff inner layer for form and durability.  Organize your wands, remote controls, hair accessories, office supplies, toiletries, make up, small toys, or even use as a fun plant holder!  No sorting hat needed, you can choose your favorite fabric combination and celebrate your love of The Boy Who Lived!

The Fabrics:

Basket 1 -

Side 1) A colorful representation of all the House Crests on a crisp white background.

Side 2) A scattered HP logo on a black background.

Basket 2 -

Side 1) A scattered Deathly Hallows print in black and gold

Side 2) Lightening bolts and glasses throughout a black cotton background

The Details:

  • Made from 100% cotton fabrics
  • Reversible
  • Washable (may need light iron to re-shape after a cold water hand washing and air-dry)
  • Measures approximately 6.75" high and 7" wide
  • Comes folded for easy shipping but you can iron to re-shape, as needed
  • Decorative top stitching
  • Ready to ship and comes with FREE SHIPPING
  • Out of My Head proudly donates 10% of our profits to charities supporting children...Namaste!