Deathly Hallows Clutch Purse Cosmetic Bag

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Celebrate your love of the Boy Who Lived!  This black cotton zip bag features the Deathly Hallows symbol in gold throughout the black cotton background. The zipper pull also features a silver-toned Deathly Hallows symbol.

The bag measures 4.75" high (12cm) and 7" wide (17.5cm) and is fully lined with a front zip closure. It is the perfect size for a night out or quick trip to Hogsmeade, or the library or a night at the Yule Ball! It can fit in your purse, school backpack, or gym bag and would easily hold money, keys, phone, make up, pens & pencils, feminine care products, and all the little odds and ends that can clutter up your bag!

The bag also features a key chain loop through which you can attach a separate wrist strap, caribiner, (not included), keys. etc.