Blueberry Pi Earrings

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Wear your witty love of math and science with my unique Blueberry Pi Earrings! These tongue-in-cheek dangle earrings feature a deep cobalt blue bead and a silver-toned, mathematical Pi (the mathematical constant and irrational number representing the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter with a value of approximately 3.1416...) charm hanging from a French hook ear wire. Super fun summer statement earrings for your favorite math and science lover!

1) A deep cobalt blue glass bead with an elegant silver-toned Pi charm dangling below the pumpkin

  • Each silver-toned Pi charm measures 19mm x 17mm
  • The Pi charm is a zinc alloy metal (lead-free & nickel safe)
  • The 12mm glass bead features a 3 dimensional bead cap that mimics the unique texture of a blueberry stem
  • Zinc alloy/nickel free ear wires
  • Each pair comes on my custom earring card, wrapped and ready for gifting!
  • All of my jewelry now comes with FREE SHIPPING!